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  Before we get started, I would like it on record that I have an Xbox One X, Playstation 4,Nintendo Switch, a PC that plays some games, and several older systems.  I mention this because I don’t want people to think I am partial to one console over the others.  With that being said, I must admit that as far as consoles go, the Xbox is by far my favorite when it comes to the amount of Indie Games that I have access to. Beside the ID@Xbox program, Microsoft also has the Creators Collection of games.  These are games that are usually made by small – read 2-5 people – companies and serve as a platform to launch truly small, independent games.  Stellar Interface by Imagination Overflow is one of the newest titles to be added to the Creators Collection.

  Stellar Interface is a rogue-like, side scrolling, space shooter where you will explore randomly generated universes.  As you explore the galaxy you will have to fight through tons of enemies, defeat large bosses,search out new upgrades for your ship, visit merchants and much more.  Adding to the stress of your mission,permadeath is always looming over your head.

  You start out with the ability to pic one of two ships. Each has different stats and preforms better with different weapon load outs.  You can also pick up to 2 weapons for your ship.  Cannons, machine guns, blasters,shotguns and more.  Grab 2 of the same type or mix it up with say a shotgun and torpedoes.  As you progress throughout the galaxy you can even find new weapons to change up how you are playing.  You will even unlock new ships and perks to use.

  Gameplay is about as straight forward as it comes.  Fly through levels destroying as many enemies as you can without getting dead.  Dodge lasers, mines and more as you try to clear each sector.  Your success depends on your reflexes and how well you use your weapons.  Unfortunately, the weapons are all fairly similar.  Both weapons fire at the same time using a single fire button.  If you use a machine gun and a shotgun, the fire rate of the is slower on the shotgun,but the damage is a bit higher.  The issue I have is the spread of the shotgun. There are only a few projectiles, and even if you shoot from the far left of the screen, there is very little spread.  This means that the main reason you would use a shotgun is missing.

  There is a lot to find within this game.  There are over 100 different perks for you to find.  The game also includes an in-game encyclopedia called StealthNet for you to fill in with your discoveries.  If you are looking for achievements, this game has well over 100 for you to try and unlock.  These are in game achievements only on the Xbox, meaning that they will not count towards your Gamerscore.  Games that are part of the Creators Collection are all like this.

  Stellar Interface sports pure retro graphics.  If you have played R-Type, this game will have a familiar feel.  The enemies are varied, but after playing a bunch of levels you are going to see foes starting to repeat.  The bosses are unique and will test your skills with each encounter.  Music and sound effects fit the graphic style perfectly.

  Stellar Interface is available now on Xbox One and Steam.  It carries a price tag of $12.99, which seems a bit high to me.  The game has a lot of content, and you can even buy some DLC to expand your experience.  The title feels unpolished and does have a few issues at the moment.  I tried to stream it several times using Twitch directly from my Xbox and not only did the game crash, but it locked up my console as well.

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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for writing about Stellar Interface! And sorry for the issue that you had. We just pushed an update to Xbox to fix that issue, if you have a chance to try again let us know how it went 😉

    Also we will be launching on the Nintendo Switch next month 😉

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