Let’s Revolution!

  Ask almost any gamer if they have played Minesweeper and you will probably get a yes and see a wave of nostalgia wash over them.  Some of that nostalgia has been packed into the newest game from ANTFOOD and Buck, Let’s Revolution! A new procedurally generated roguelike in which you must save the kingdom of Beebom from an evil king.

  Play a dangerous game of hide and seek with the king and his troops.  Move your hero across the battlefield to open tiles, while trying to avoid those loyal to the crown.  Gather weapons, abilities and energy as you search for the king to force him back to the castle for the final showdown.  You can either avoid enemy troops or decimate them along the way.

  The game starts out with a short tutorial that explains the story, and how to play.  Move your character through the map searching for the king, who is sitting at a dead end in the road.  Avoid his troops on the road or destroy them before you uncover them.  Once they are uncovered, they will periodically attack, so make sure to be quick in eliminating them, or completing the level.  Once you encounter the king, he will fly off to the next area nearer the castle.  It isn’t until you reach the palace that a final battle ensues.

  Each level is procedurally generated within the region you are in.  Besides royal troops, you can encounter shop keepers and weapon caches.  Upgrade your characters abilities, heal yourself, and prepare for the road ahead as you learn the best way to play your character.  With over 100 items and abilities to discover, each run will be different and test your skills.  Once you win a run, more characters will open up to provide even more variety.  Can you complete the game using stealth over power?

  The game allows players of all skill levels to enjoy their playthroughs.  Set it to easy for a calm game or challenge your skills with 5 levels of New Game + for each of the 6 characters.  This means that the title has hours of content to play through.  Add in the roguelike nature of the game, and a single run can last 10 minutes or an hour depending on your play style.  There are also daily challenges to complete to make sure you never run out of things to do.

  The graphics are bright and colorful.  Leaning more towards a cartoon style, you will delight in the visuals as you interact with a variety of characters.  There are several cutscenes that could have come directly from a Saturday morning carton series.  This fires up the action to the next level.  The music is soothing, which allows you to focus on the gameplay at hand.  Throughout my time playing, I found myself contemplating my next move and just listening to the soundtrack.

  With multiple unlockable characters, you will have to vary your play style to beat the king.  Characters, skills and items are unlocked through gaining gems.  The more you play, and the further you get in a run, the more gems you will gather.  This means that even if you are unable to beat a current run, you will still be making progress in the game.

  There is more than enough gameplay, but in time and enjoyment, to warrant the $20 price tag.  The game is available on Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch and Steam so no matter where you play, you will be able to enjoy this title.  A solid roguelite with notes of nostalgia will draw you in, and keep you coming back for more.