Devious Dungeon

Devious Dungeon is an action-platformer where you are a Knight, ordered by the King to investigate the catacomb and slay the monster who reside within. You’ll have to navigate 68 levels and conquer 5 unique bosses to cleanse the catacombs and protect the Kingdom.  This game is very simplistic in its design, but it has wonderful retro-charm that will make it a fun time.

Each level is randomly generated as you play, the layout, the monsters, the treasures, and the pitfalls.  You gain experience from killing the monsters and level up your character.  On level-up, you get a small stat increase to have more HP and do more damage.  The other way to increase your stats is by purchasing equipment upgrades.

Before entering the portal to the dungeon, and every 5 or so levels completed, there is a shopkeeper.  He sells new weapons, armor, stat potions, rings, and necklaces, all which give you a stat boost.  This is the primary way to get stronger, and you pay for his wares with the coins you find lying around in the dungeon, and from defeating monsters.

The graphics of Devious Dungeon look like a Flash game that you would see online.  However, it fits with the style of the game.  The environments and monsters are well-designed, and well animated.  It does not feel cheap, it is a polished retro-style display and it works very well with the mechanics of the game.

Overall, Devious Dungeon is a simple game to pick-up and enjoy.  It’s not too short that you’ll be done before you know it, and it doesn’t require a lot of grinding to get strong enough to defeat the bosses.  I feel they round the right balance to make the game a lot of fun.