Eventide 3 : Legacy of Legends

Once again, we are seeing the end of a series. Artifex Mundi has been releasing point and click games for a while on PC and have slowly been being ported to consoles. Recently they released the 3rd and final chapter in the Eventide series to consoles, and it makes for a fitting end to the trilogy. Eventide 3 : Legacy of Legends once again delves into the world of Slavic legends and lore.

Once again you step into the role of Mary Gilbert – world renowned botanist and Guardian of the Fern Flower. A flower that holds magical powers and was gained in one of the previous games. You meet up with your brother, John, a climatologist to pick the perfect spot for the flower to be planted and thrive. After you find the exact location and plant the Fern Flower a freak storm hits. You are barely able to make it back to John’s house, when you are attacked by some sort of flying beast. It is up to you to save John and unravel the mysteries of Slavic Tales.

Gameplay is the same as the other titles in the series, and the other games from the developer. You work your way through the story by finding items in hidden object puzzles and completing mini-games. You will also have to combine and fix items so that they will be useable in your quest. As with other titles there are also collectables to be found hidden throughout the game. One set is purely ornamental, but the other contains bits of lore.

The voice acting in the game is good, but not as good as some of the other titles. There is a lack of real emotion in the characters. Music in the game is excellent. It carries the mood of the story from start to finish. The graphics are beautifully done as always. There are layers upon layers of details and items to sort through in the hidden object screens. Even the location screens have some intricate details in them.

Eventide 3 : Legacy of Legends is out now on Xbox One and PS4. It has been available on PC for a while. You can grab the game by itself or in a package for a slight discount with the rest of the Eventide games. It is a fun standalone adventure as well as a fitting end to the series. I would recommend picking it up if you have played others in the series.

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