The Darkest Tales

  Before we played video games, we played with stuffed animals and action figures.  At 50 years old not only do I remember my teddy bears name, it is George, but he still sits atop my headboard protecting me from evil.  Imagine if your stuffed animals could come to life to protect you?  The Darkest Tales from Trinity Team does just that.  You become the teddy bear hero that is needed to save your child.

  Nightmares start to creep into reality and your owner, Alicia, has been swept up in them.  You have been knighted by the guardian night light to find and rescue Alicia from the nightmare she has been dragged into.  Armed only with a broken pair of scissors, that make amazing dual blades, you must fight your way through frightening fairy tales that would make even the most stout-hearted person the shivers.

  The game is a side scrolling RPG that pits your fluffy, but valiant bear against some of the darkest fairy tales.  Face deadly wolves from Little Red Riding Hood, the perils of climbing a bean stalk, and a whole lot more.  These once charming tales are now twisted and deadly.  As you progress you will learn new moves, tactics and be able to level up your character to best fit your play style.  While progression is linear, you can target specifics like speed and health.  As you level up your character you are able to revisit earlier levels to pick up skills you were previously unable to reach.

  Game graphics have an interesting mix of whimsical and terrifying imagery.  Depending on the level you are on, they can sport a warm cheery palette or dark and ominous.  The 1st level is one of the darkest, and in a few spots, almost too dark to see what you are doing.  It is a shame because the level design is beautiful and adds to the story telling.  In game music will set the mood for your dire, yet important quest.

  The Darkest Tales is now available on Steam, Xbox, and Playstation.  The price varies between $20 and $25 depending on platform.  While the game is fun, the price difference is a bit off putting.  The game is also a bit too easy for seasoned players.  Non respawning enemies and a few too many check points make progression quick for even newer players.