Super Weekend Mode

Some games test your knowledge, while others test your coordination. Ratalaika Games and Pixelteriyaki released a game a few weeks ago to consoles that will test your reflexes and your ability to multitask. Super Weekend Mode is a shooter that will try your skills and timing.

There doesn’t seem like there is much of a story behind the title. You must control 2 paddles simultaneously, one on each side of the screen. The object is to destroy the one large enemy in the middle of the screen while collecting hearts, dodging skulls and squashing rabbits. To figure out exactly how to play, and the timing needed, you really need to go through the tutorial.

Once you get the gist of the controls, the games becomes very easy, even on the hardest setting. You can get all the achievements in the game in under 10 minutes. Some have reported doing it in under 4, making it an easier completion than Avatar : The Burning Earth. No matter how quickly you finish, without the existence of leaderboards, there is little incentive to rack up a massive score.

Graphics are reminiscent of early arcade games. While bright and colorful, there isn’t a lot to them. The game play screen is surrounded by a frame that tries to make it look like you are playing an old school arcade cabinet. The music a retro as well. Honestly, it is pretty forgettable, even when playing past the achievements. You become so focused on the controls and action on the screen that the music just fades away.

Super Weekend Mode is now available on XB1, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. The game costs around $5, so you can add it to your collection without spending too much. If you are only interested in Gamerscore, this title will be a quick trip, but there is one good reason to go back to the game. It is a good way to not only build your hand to eye coordination, but to improve your ability to control two items at the same time, while working toward a common goal.

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