My Big Sister

Games are often miscategorized, and this causes some titles to be overlooked. My Big Sister by Stranga Games is marketed as a horror game, but there is little scary about the title. It is more of a super natural thriller that will keep you guessing what is real, and what is shadows.

You play as Luzia, a young girl, who has been being raised by her older sister, Sombie. Their mother, always working, has been absent from their lives for a while. Late one night something happens to Sombie, and you must unravel the truth behind what is really going on. You will encounter witches, monsters, hear of curses and glimpse into the nether world.

Filled with dark images that test your perception, but nothing that is overtly scary. Follow the intriguing story as it twists and turns to one of the multiple endings. Along the path you will find encounters with evil, puzzles, different choices, and a cast of odd characters. How you interact with some situations may change the outcome of the game.

Game mechanics are straight forward. Wander through the world, interact with people and your surroundings. Found items can be used to forward the story and complete puzzles. The game contains a lot of dialogue to work through, but I wouldn’t advise skipping through it. If you do, it will be difficult to follow the story.

Graphics are old school. You can imagine playing this on a Gameboy Advanced or other portable system. With a color palette that leans to the darker side, you may need to boost your brightness up just a bit to make sure that you can see some areas. The soundtrack isn’t anything spectacular, but it does add a bit to the creepy atmosphere. The lack of voice acting slows the pace of the game, but that is a minor personal complaint.

My Big Sister is available now on XB1, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Steam. If you are looking for an interesting game that will keep you guessing about what is really happening, you should give this title a try. Don’t worry about it being scary, just let yourself get drawn into the mystery.

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