Save Room

  Have you ever been playing a game that has a mini game or a feature that you really enjoy and think to yourself “Hey, they should make a full game out of this!” ?  A shooting gallery, fishing, building, or maybe just puzzles.  That is exactly what Fractal Projects has done in their newest game – Save Room.

  Save Room puts you in charge of 40 levels of inventory management.  Fit all of your weapons, ammunition, and health items into your backpack in order to move on.  As you move on, the rules change.  You have to store loaded weapons and be at full health to progress.  This isn’t that difficult as long as you remember how many bullets each gun can hold.

  The game is based on the inventory system of Resident Evil 4 and others like it.  The size of your storage varies from level to level, but what is constant is that there is just enough space to fit the items for the level.  There is a lot of twisting and turning to make things fit properly, but everything will fit.

  It will take an hour or so to complete the game depending on your skills.  For a $5 game that isn’t horrible.  I found myself wanting even more puzzles to solve once the game was finished.  It will be interesting to see if they make similar games in the future.  If you are looking for something to sharpen your mind and help you in other games, this is one title to consider.