Pinku Kult : Hex Mortis

  Like most things, horror games have a scale.  From the slightly spooky, to the downright nightmare inducing.  And since everyone has a different tolerance, the scale it totally subjective.  Valorware has recently released Pinku Kult : Hex Mortis, an adventure game that isn’t outright scary, but it will give you the creeps none the less.

  You live in Razore City, a dark city with a demon problem.  You are hired to look into the rash of recent disappearances and are quickly thrust into a world of the supernatural.  At the center of this world seems to be a mysterious girl wearing a fox mask.  It is up to you to unravel the mystery, save the citizens of Razore City, and not lose your soul in the process.

  A narrative driven adventure game that has you battling demons and other worldly creatures, while searching for the root of the evil.  You will enlist other residents to help you battle, as well as gather knowledge on the mystical world.  Battles are turned based, so you will have time to plan out your attacks and decide if you will use brute force, magic, or special items to try and take your foes down.

  Game graphics are crisp and clean.  You will explore a variety of locations and fight through multiple dungeons, each with a unique look and feel.  Whether you are up against killer spiders or creepy clowns, the enemies are brought to life in vibrant colors that make them even creepier.  Besides the enemies, there are also some puzzles to solve, but don’t fear, the answers can easily be tracked down within the story.

  The fighting in the game is well done, but there is one issue that can cause some stress.  If you try to use smelling salts, an item to revive a teammate that has been knocked down, and there are no downed teammates the game will soft lock.  There is no way to back out of this mistake without closing the game down.  Luckily there is a pretty good save system, so the worst you will have to do is start the fight over again. 

  Pinku Kult : Hex Mortis is out now on Xbox, Playstation, Switch, and Steam.  With a price tag of about $10, you will definitely get your moneys worth with several hours of gameplay.  The slick style and creepy aesthetic will ensure that you remember this game long after you have completed it.