Party Hard 2

  You thought it was taken care off.  You figured that everyone understood.  But once again people are being inconsiderate.  That means it is time to take up the mantle of the Party Hard Killer, slaughter all the party goers and try to get some sleep.  Pinoki Games, along with Tiny Build have released Party Hard 2 on consoles and the rampage has been ratcheted up.

  If you haven’t played the 1st iteration of the title, don’t worry, this game will catch you right up.  You get a quick summary of the story, and you can pick up tips in the 1st level.  The basic idea is to complete as many objectives per level as possible.  The most important one is too kill.  But you don’t have to kill everyone in order to succeed.  The amount and type of death is up to you, but the game does reward you with creativity.

  Party Hard 2 expands on your lethal arsenal since you are a more experienced killer.  You can still simply stab victims, poison them, or even set traps, but now you have the ability to craft different weapons.  For example, you can use a bottle of booze to get someone drunk and a jerry can of gas to leave a trail of flammable liquid that you can then set on fire.  But if you combine the 2 items you will have a jerry can of fuel and a Molotov cocktail to throw.  This becomes a vital tool in some later levels.  Your killer even has a special skill that will allow them to dispatch enemies with speed.

  Each level presents you with a series of objectives, but also contains hidden items that you can do for extra items.  Most of these challenges will be easily discovered, but some will require you to be pretty creative in your death dealing.  Can you figure out how to access blocked rooms?  Will you be able to call in a UFO?  And can you carry out your mission without being caught?

  Gameplay is nearly identical to the original game.  You must make your way through each level completing your objectives and not get caught.  This means that even as you carry out your murderous mission, you must make sure nobody sees you.  You will have to lure victims away from the crowd, hide your victims, and kill any witnesses before they have a chance to call in the police.  This can be tricky because witnesses can see through windows and from a longer distance.  You can avoid the police, but will have serious issues out running them.

  Graphics are on par with the original.  They are nothing spectacular, but they get the job done.  The game design expands on the world from the 1st game.  It is easy to pick out blocked rooms, short cuts and objectives.  There is also a new vision mode that will help you see all the possible ways to kill and navigate each space.  The soundtrack is rocking.  I have found myself bopping along to the music every time I have played.  If you are not feeling the current vibe, just find the DJ or turntable on the level and switch to a new one.  This is a great feature, especially on difficult levels that you are slow playing to make sure you can complete all he objectives.

  Party Hard 2 is available now for $19.99.  No matter if you played the original or not, this is a game worth checking out.  You get to carry out any homicidal urges with no consequences.  There is even a large amount of replay value as there are multiple ways to complete each level.  Fans of stealth games and chaos inducing panic can each play it their own way.  Available now on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.