Iris and the Giant

  Iris and the Giant has been available on mobile devices for about 3 years now.  Klabater has just brought this roguelite deck builder to consoles for even more people to enjoy.  This game follows the story of young Iris as she learns to face her demons, and overcome self-doubt.

  The story revolves around Iris, a young girl that is going through a rough time.  She must battle through her inner demons to confront the Giant that controls them.  Along the way she is able to build up her will, and learn new tactics to help her on her journey.  She will also encounter memories that will help her deal with her emotions, they will also boost your character.  There are also imaginary friends that will give you coping skills.

  You start out with just a few weapon cards, and must clear a path to the stairs.  Depending on the room, there are 3 or 4 rows of enemies, and you have to figure out which row the exit is in.  Most rooms have multiple exits, and even hidden portals to puzzle levels.  As you beat enemies and find chests you will increase the number of cards you have access too.  This is helpful because if you run out of cards in your deck, you will instantly lose your run. 

  While each run consists of trying to defeat the giant, you will have to battle your way through at least a dozen floors.  You will find imaginary friends to help you, but you can’t equip them until after you complete their quest.  Each quest requires you to reach a specific goal during a run.  After your competition of the quest, you can add your new pet on your next run.  The abilities of your pet can either help or hinder your progress.  The more you play, the better your base character will become, and soon you will be ready to confront the Giant.

  The game features 3 different game modes, 2 of which open only after you beat the Giant the first time.  One mode introduces a time limit on turns, which increases the difficulty and the other introduces new characters and a slightly different map.  With the roguelike elements, there are countless hours of gameplay to be had.

  Iris and the Giant is available now on consoles for a price around $15.  If you would prefer to play on the go, it will cost you about $7.  This is a great combination of deck building, strategy, and roguelite – without the stress of any platforming or shooting.  If you are looking for a game with a touching story woven into solid gameplay, this is one to check out.