There is a growing trend to bring board games to the console world.  Games like Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, Magic the Gathering and more have all gotten the digital treatment.  This is a way to open up the tabletop world to video gamers.  Move38 has taken a different approach to the concept.  They have created BLINKS, an electronic tabletop game system that offers multiple games for 1 to 8 players.

  BLINKS are small electronic, 6 sided pucks that have a push button mechanism and LEDs on one side and the game name on the other.  The base set comes with 9 BLINKS, each with their own game.  Press the button on each of the BLINKS to turn them on, form the pattern you want, then hold the button on the game that you want to play for three seconds then attach it to the pattern.  The game will then copy itself onto the remaining pucks and you will be set to play.

  Each game is played through the colored lights, and you can configure the playfield however you like.  Dark Ball is played similar to pong.  You arrange the board into a line, and each player picks an end puck.  One player serves the ball and the other tries to hit it back by pressing their button in time.  The loser is the 1st to miss the ball 6 times.  Hexenwood is a lot like Othello or GO.  You try to control more spaces on the board than your opponent.  There are all sorts of game types, and more keep coming out.

  Many of the games are created by the users themselves.  You can purchase a game maker kit, for under $50, so that you can create and play your own games.  You are even able to self-publish the games that you make.  Some may even make it into expansion packs that are released.  The game sets are sold on their website, and they also have Kickstarter campaigns for new releases. 

  The newest Kickstarter contains 5 new games – Tangle, Mimic, Lazy Ants, Peacock, and one yet to be announced game.  Tangle is the opposite of Othello, you win by having the least number of pucks that display your specific pattern.  Each round lasts between 17 and 23 seconds, so you have to be quick.  The more pucks you have, the more players you can have in a game.  Mimic is a fun little game that highlights all the functions of the Blinks.  The pucks flash and you must follow the directions  This means pressing them a certain number of times or turning them a certain number of times.  This is a great solo game or for teams.

  The Blinks Game System is a bit on the pricey side.  The base set sells for around $150, but can be purchased for $100 during their Kickstarter campaigns.  You can also pick up the expansion packs as well.  They are themed to game genres like strategy, puzzle, adventure and party games.  The nice thing about this game, is how portable it is.  6 pucks fit into one of the sushi roll cases.  The cases are about the length of a roll of quarters, and as big around as half dollar.  You can easily carry 2 of the rolls in a pocket, so it is a perfect game to bring to game nights.

  Each game has it’s own set of rules that are included in a rule book that comes with the set.  In case you don’t want to carry the instructions with you, they are all available in pdf form that it easily viewed via phone or tablet.  Learning the specifics of each game only takes a minute or two, and with lots of games to choose from, you can get started playing right away.

  If you are looking for something new for tabletop, I highly recommend getting the Blinks Game System.  Dark Ball will become an instant favorite.  Even with the higher price tag, the number of games and the amount of time you will spend playing more than justifies the cost.  This is a great way to play no matter the number of friends that are playing.  With the option to make your own games, the possibilities are endless.