Mochi Mochi Boy

  If you have played video games, odds are you have played Snake or one of the many variations of it.  You play as a snake, getting longer as the level progresses and you have to make sure you don’t run into walls, or your every lengthening body.  Pixel Teriyaki has just created a new puzzle game that is an iteration of snake.  Mochi Mochi Boy will test your visual puzzle solving skills and your patience.

  The concept of the game is simple – use your snake to cover all tiles on the board without retracing any of your moves or running into the wall.  If you realize you won’t complete the level or get to the end with spaces still showing, a quick hit of a button and you will reset and be ready to try again.  On top of just clearing levels, there are dozens of slimes to capture.  To grab them all you have to do is snatch the treasure chest they are in.  Even if you fail to complete the level, the slime will be yours.

  The game consists of 2 different modes, Tower and Dungeon.  Tower is comprised of 130 preset levels that increase in difficulty as you progress.  You will encounter passages that allow you to exit one side of the map and reappear on the other.  There are also teleporters that will transport you around the board to like colored tiles.  Dungeon mode has randomly generated levels with traps and monsters.  You have to avoid the traps altogether and knock the monsters out of your way.  Neither really impede your ability to complete levels.

  Despite the large number of levels included, the game gets boring and repetitive very quickly.  Most levels are easily solved, and the patterns tend to repeat.  What makes things worse is that there is little incentive to play through all of the levels.  On XB1 and PS4 the achievements and trophies only require you to complete just over 30 levels.  Depending on your skill and the randomized Dungeon levels, you will complete all the tasks to 100% the game in under 30 minutes.

  The game has a price tag of about $5, so it is another cheap, quick game that will boost your Gamerscore and completed games count.  Luckily, the low price tag won’t leave you feeling too shorted after you lose interest in the title.

  Mochi Mochi Boy is out now on XB1, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Steam.  The Steam version is a bit cheaper and offers more content.  While the game is not horrible, it isn’t ground breaking either.  A not so fresh take on a classic game will keep you busy for a short amount of time, but has no re replay value.      

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