Flipping Death

Most video games have an element of death in them. But, usually you are trying to stay alive and make sure you don’t end up on the reapers list. Yet in the newest game from Zoink you actually get to play the part of Death – well his temp. Flipping Death is in many ways the spiritual sequel to Stick It to the Man from the same developer.

Flipping Death puts you in the shoes of Penny, a young woman with a love for Halloween and all things Goth. After an unfortunate fall she finds herself dead and on the other side of life. There she meets Death, who is burned out from working to much and decides that Penny will make a get temp reaper while he goes on vacation to the moon. Penny begrudgingly takes the job, but it is not all it is cracked up to be. She is soon trying to help the dead settle old scores, possessing people, and reading minds. Can you solve everyone’s problems and make it through this killer internship?

The game is a side scrolling platformer with a bit of a twist, or a flip. When you take control of Penny, you are in the world of the dead. Here you will interact with spirits, figure out what is keeping them earth bound, and try to relieve them of their burdens. This is accomplished by collecting enough souls to possess the living and move about the mortal world, so you can interact with objects. The world of the living needs your help as well, so you will have to quickly learn to navigate both realms, fix everything and save the day.

Graphics in the game are a direct continuation from Stick it to the Man. The world of the living is a bright, colorful scene. Where the dead roam still sports the same distinctive cartoony graphics, but has a distinctively darker palette. The music and sound effects will keep you engaged in the story and the action. There is a fair amount of voice acting in the title, and it is nice to play a game where the characters, and their voices, are varied and show a range of emotions.

Flipping Death is out now for XB1, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Steam. For around $20 you can add this fun title to your collection. It has more than enough play value to justify the cost. The puzzles will keep you busy and the dialogue will have you in stitches.

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