Dragon Bros

Dragon Bros is a run and gun style game, along the lines of the Metal Slug series of games. You play as a dragon that was taken away from your momma dragon by robots. Your quest is to destroy them all on your way to rescue your mother. You can embark on your journey solo, or add a second controller and adventure with a buddy.

Controls feel great, movement is easy to control and you can fire your weapon in the 8 directions. You have a standard weapon with unlimited ammo, and you can find other types of weapons, like shotguns and rocket launchers with limited ammo. There are five difficulties to choose from for each of the 13 stages. There are also minigame stages that you can play, also with the 5 difficulties, one is them is a mock-up of Space Invaders. There are four boss fights as well, designed to be challenging but beatable once you learn the patterns.

Soundtrack of Dragon Bros is great, the music is like a cross between rock-beats and chiptunes. Very upbeat and catchy. I found myself just wanting to listen to the music over and over. Very well done.

Dragon Bros. is a relatively short game, only a few hours to complete, but a really fun experience. With the multiple difficulties, everyone will be able to find a challenge in the game. There isn’t too much replayability, but it’s a well designed game. I would love to see more stages created as some free DLC to expand the experience.

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