Daggerhood is a cleaver puzzle/platformer with an interesting gameplay hook, you have a magic dagger that you can teleport to on command. You are trying to steal as much of the King’s treasure that you can over five worlds and 20 levels in each world. Dodging traps, collecting treasures, and avoiding bosses, all while trying to complete the level under the Par time.

This game reminds me of Super Meat Boy, and it’s many inspired games. There are 5 treasure collectibles to get in each level, and a fairy that disappears if you are not quick enough reaching her. Each level awards up to 3 stars for completing it below the par time.

Music is very inspired by the 8-bit style of NES game, as are the graphics. The controls feel nice, easy to maneuver around and jump off the wall trying to make your way to the exit, but more importantly the treasures.

The achievements in the game are very easy to acquire. Of the 100 levels, only 12 need to be completed to get all of the achievements. If completing games is something you are interested in doing, this is a fun one that doesn’t take long. The game does have some challenge to it, so if platformers tend to give you troubles, Daggerhood will bring it for you.

Overall, a simple concept. No problems with the game, but the teleporting magic dagger doesn’t make it stand out from the other Super Meatboy-style games. A fun little adventure though, not much replayability unless you are looking to start a Speedrunning community around Daggerhood.

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