Let ’s face it, not everyone is good at or even enjoys playing fast paced arcade games.  Luckily there are a wide variety of games on the market that cater to all types of gamers.  Peachy Keen has developed a new game that is a great introduction to adventure games, or for gamers that are looking for non-combat games that will entertain them.  Calico is an adventure game that will get you your fix of fluffy companionship and cuteness.

  Your Aunt has retired and left you control of her Cat Café.  It is in a small village, and it is up to you to revive it to its former glory.  But all is not what it seems in this town.  There is literal magic in the hills, and some of the villagers practice that magic every day.  You will get to know all the villagers, their quirks, and even pet all of the animals that are roaming the land.  And there are a lot of animals.  You are able to pet them, have them follow you, let them hang out in your café, or even ride some of the larger ones.

  The game starts out with your character creation.  This was one of the first things that stood out to me.  You are not constrained to making a tall, thin female character.  Multiple options allow you to create a character of almost any shape, size, or proportion.  This is just the first of many examples of diversity in the title.  Once you start the game, you will have a conversation with Kiva, the Mayor of the town who will fill you in on what is going on.

  Not everything is accessible at the start of the game.  You will have to talk to all the residents, do favors for them, and explore the island.  The more you are able to do for the townsfolk, the closer your relationships with them will become.  This will allow you to expand your café with new recipes and furniture.  Decorate with whichever theme suits your fancy at the moment. 

  Graphics in the game are good.  The animals are all rendered well and it is very easy to distinguish between different animals of the same species.  The color palette reminds me of spring with many of the trees looking like cherry blossoms in bloom, but each area has a distinct look.  Green fields, snowy mountains, a sunny beach and more await you on your adventure.  Since you are playing in 3rd person there are a few camera issues here and there.  Walls will almost instantly dissolve if you go behind them and trees make an interesting frame around the screen if they get in your way.  Some clipping will occur as well, but it is nothing that will ruin your playing experience. 

  One of the things that stood out to me was the sound.  The game has beautiful background music.  As you are roaming around the island you are treated to several different tracks that truly enhance the mood.  The main issue I have is that after a little while the music just stops, and you are left with nothing.  There are some ambient sounds, but they don’t fill the void left from the music.

  While not for everyone, Calico is a game that should be checked out.  It is a great introduction to adventure games for non-gamers or a fun way to unwind.  I recently was talking to my son, and we were discussing how much we hated “fetch quests” in games.  Some how this little indie game makes them fun.  Maybe you should be able to ride a giant cat in every game.  Available now on Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch and PC for about $12.  If you are looking for a fun, relaxing escape for a few hours into a world of animals and magic, I highly recommend picking this up.