Aircraft Evolution

What is old is new again. The older I get, the more I can relate and see the truth in this statement. Many of the new games that are releasing now, have their roots in the past. If you have played games on the Atari 2600 like Chopper Command, you will be delighted to see Aircraft Evolution from Sometimes You and Satur Entertainment.

Aircraft Evolution is a 2D side scrolling shooter that puts you in the pilot seat and in charge of destroying enemy forces. Each level will increase the difficulty and move you from the birth of air combat into the future. Travel through 4 distinct eras, each with 10 different levels.

You start out in a plane that is very similar to one Orville and Wilbur flew. With a simple machine gun and basic bombs, you must destroy ground troops, cannons, tanks, buildings and even other aircraft. As you take out enemies and progress, you will earn experience and gold. The experience will increase your level, which will unlock new airplanes and bombs. The gold will allow you to actually purchase these upgrades.

There are 10 different planes for you to buy and use in your destruction of the enemy forces. But in reality, you will probably only buy 2 or 3 planes as you fly through the 40 levels. Each plane can be upgraded, so you are able to use a single plane across more than 1 era. The higher level planes swap missiles for machine guns, which can allow you another way to attack ground troops. Increase armor, speed, and even how quickly you drop bombs to get the edge on your opponent. You have an unlimited supply of basic bombs, but you have to either find or buy your supplies of upgraded weaponry. Cluster bombs, napalm, heavy bombs, and a super heavy bomb that can decimate most troops.

Graphics are colorful, and you can even customize the designs of your planes. Your enemies advance in the eras as you do. Wooden buildings and tanks ( yes, the tanks are made of wood in the beginning ) evolve into steel, and simple planes advance into jet fighters. Your targets also become larger in scale. From simple shacks to multilevel fortresses that must be destroyed. The constant hum of your engine, the whistling of dropping bombs and explosions permeate the soundscape.

Aircraft Evolution is a fun game that harkens back to a less intense time in gaming. With a price tag of about $8, you have about 2 hours’ worth of campaign to play through, so you will get your moneys worth. Once you finish, you can tackle on higher difficulties or even use different aircrafts to complete levels. Out now on XB1, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Steam – you will have your choice of where to play.