The Gear I Use Every Day

This page is dedicated to the gear that I use when I am testing games, as well as the stuff I have been personally been using for years.  I play daily, so they have been put through the paces and I know they work well.  And, all have either been purchased by myself, family members as gifts. or won in a contest.  I have provided links to some of the sites for ease.

Turtle Beach X O Four

Xbox 1 Headset
I have kept it simple with my XB1 and just have a stereo headset.  I have owned these since they were originally released and have never had an issue.  The sound adjustments on the adapter can be tricky to get used to, but once set are fine.  I have worn these for 24 hour marathons and they are very comfortable.

Playstation Gold Wireless Headset

PS4 Headset
I needed a decent headset for the PS4 because the ear bud that came with it wasn't cutting it, and these were recommended to me.  Super comfy, easy to use and adjust volumes.  Quick mute, and amazing sound quality.  Added feature of no boom mic sticking out, so they fold up smaller for easy storage.

Toshiba 2TB Canvio Basics USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive 

Xbox 1 Storage
I have an original Xbox 1 with a 500 GB HD, so with playing a lot of games, I needed extra storage.  This was a good, affordable choice that increased my space and speed.  I currently have over 250 titles on my system and still have room for more - not many more, but some.

Gunnar MLG Phantom Glasses

Staring at a tv screen or a computer screen for hours a day can play hell with your eyes.  I learned that after my first 24 hour stream.  Not long after I picked up a pair of Gunnars while I was at Pax East and they made a world of difference.  The eye strain was so much less.  You can even get prescription ones if you need them.
Eye Wear

Gamer Gloves

Is your game space cold?  Do your hands get sweaty or even just clamy? These may sound strange, but they work.  My man cave is in the basement and with my old wood stove temps would really fluctuate.  First thing on a winters morn it would be cold and these would trap the heat in, then they would help wick away the sweat as things got too hot.


You are not going to get far in a game unless you have a controller.  I still use my Day One controller on my XBox One for most things, but I do have an upgraded controller from Lethal Controllers that has trigger stops, and custom mapped buttons on the back for FPS.  It is 100% legit.  For PS4, I use a stock controller.
Get Control

Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition

When I am not streaming directly from my console, this is when I am using.  Not only does it allow me to seemlessly switch between games, but I can also use it offline to edit my videos.


Before you freak out, there is no nicotine in there.  I have smoked for way to many years to mention and I am finally not lighting up.  I do still use this thing to help with some of the urges.  But all the liquids are 0 nicotine and made by Fixx-E.